San Antonio River Descending a Staircase

The San Antonio River at Falls City.
san antonio river - falls city fm 791 - putin 20130725_115628 (2)

The water’s pretty clear.  You can even see the bottom.

san antonio river - falls city delta - the bottom 20130725_151735 (2)
Churning waters as the river pours over a wide sandstone abutment.
9 falls city

The San Antonio River descending a staircase.  Notice the water level at right, compared to the left.

san antonio river - descending a staircase 20130725_153640 (2)
Buttonbush and American elm crowd a tiny island. I thought American elms were all gone!
6.76 buttonbush
6 american elm

Fossils.  Maybe a yellow sandshell.

san antonio river - falls city delta - clams 20130725_151400 (2)
san antonio river - falls city delta - whitecaps 20130725_155201 (2)

2 thoughts on “San Antonio River Descending a Staircase

    • Hi! Sorry I missed your note, looks like it was months ago. The SA River is accessible in this area mostly at road crossings; for Falls City I used the FM 791 crossing just outside of town to the southwest (it seems like a fairly well-used spot with comparatively easy access). Highway 181 offers a very steep take-out. (The SA River channel is steep and muddy, and ingress and egress tend to be, as a rule, “difficult” even at road crossings). The banks are all private property in this section and almost the entire way down to the coast, but the channel itself is navigable and charming.

      Southwest Paddler has good, general access information and descriptions of much of the SA River, available at Some of the descriptions haven’t been updated in a while; for instance, the Loop 1604 to US 97/Floresville section now includes multiple SARA access points.

      Hope this helps!

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