Wild Parrots of Concepcion

A nanday (black-hooded) parakeet of the group sometimes appearing around Jefferson High School.


084 (2) nanday

I spent months checking for these birds all around the neighborhood and Balcones Heights. Finally they showed up out of nowhere, and that day, immediately started a nest-building exercise, using scraps of palm bark.  There are lots of big old palm trees in the neighborhood.


The neighbors started a Facebook page to keep track of them.


The motherlode turned up at Concepcion mission, where a flock of monk parakeets had taken up residence at an abandoned CPS switching station.


025 (3) monk parakeets nesting

They’ve been around for years, subsisting on mesquite beans, pecans, and other seeds. In spring they have a thing for crushed acorns scrounged up from under car tires.


monk parakeets - concepcion - charming 317 (2)   Monks  monk parakeet at concepcion


For a while this rose-ringed parakeet was following them around. They didn’t seem to like him.  Most likely somebody saw the parrots and figured it was a good place to release Polly:


Rose-ringed parakeet, concepcion mission (2)